Hunting Camera Inspection Process


The inspection process for hunting cameras is as follows :

Hunting Camera Inspection Process.jpg

Check the body: check the camera body for scratches, dents, cracks, blemishes and other problems.

Check accessories: check whether the camera accessories are complete, including batteries, chargers, memory cards, etc.

Check performance: Check whether the camera performance is normal, including the functions of taking pictures, recording, flash, auto focus, etc.

Check waterproof performance: For cameras with waterproof function, you need to check whether its waterproof performance is normal.

Checking other functions: According to different models of cameras, there are other checking items, such as cameras with night vision function need to check its night vision effect, the camera needs to check its positioning accuracy.

Appearance check: Check whether the appearance of the camera meets the requirements, such as color, shape, logo, etc.

Use test: conduct actual shooting test to check the shooting effect and quality of the camera.



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