Wireless Outdoor Hunting Camera


A wireless outdoor hunting camera is a special camera used for hunting, usually installed in the wild where the prey frequents to help the hunter find and track the prey. Here are some of the wireless outdoor hunting cameras:


Waterproof and shockproof: this kind of camera is waterproof and shockproof, which can adapt to the harsh environment in the wild.

HD picture quality: the cameras have HD picture quality, which can clearly capture the activities of the prey from a distance.

Night vision function: some cameras have infrared night vision function, which can capture the prey in dark environment.

Motion Detection: The camera has motion detection function, which can automatically detect the appearance of prey and shoot it.

Remote monitoring: through the cell phone APP connection, users can remotely monitor the activities of the prey.

Other Functions: The camera also has some other functions, such as sound sensing and timed shooting.



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