What is a hunting camera?


What is a hunting camera?

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Hunting camera is a digital camera with special features, also known as infrared monitor, infrared surveillance camera, infrared night vision surveillance camera and so on. Hunting camera, i.e. hunting camera, is commonly defined as an infrared camera specializing in field hunting activities.

The original function of the hunting camera is to automatically start the camera video function by temperature sensing. Daily use of the hunting camera tied to a tree or fixed in a more visible place, to grasp the monitoring range of animal activities.

Hunting camera application field

Hunting camera has been widely used in field detection, wildlife infrared camera survey, home and office burglary forensics, supermarket burglary forensics, forest fire prevention, outdoor camping and other areas of monitoring and use.

The basic principle of hunting camera

Hunting camera with low-power dual PIR sensors, the use of local storage through the pyroelectric infrared sensor (PIR) senses the infrared signal of the animal or human body, automatically triggered by the camera to complete the photo, video saved locally or uploaded to the user's cloud server.

From the imaging principle, hunting camera and the traditional camera is not significantly different, but because the infrared itself is invisible light, and its refractive index in the lens is not visible light (infrared through the lens will be less than the refractive index of visible light), and thus in the photographic process on the operator's skill requirements are higher, followed by the progress of the sensor and the optimization of computer algorithms, the process is now able to Through the chip to complete the calculation.

What are the characteristics of hunting camera lens?

Hunting camera lenses generally work in outdoor high temperature and high humidity environment, generally optional all-glass, high temperature, waterproof, vibration-proof, UV-resistant infrared lens.

According to the analysis of hunting camera industry products and market demand, L-SHINE in-depth research, firmly based on scientific and technological innovation, dedication to technical product development, focus on product quality and integrity of service, in the continuous practice of product research and development has accumulated a wealth of experience in product design, and has successfully developed a variety of hunting camera lenses, covering ten million pixels wide-angle series such as LS-Q1, economical and practical models. Standard angle series such as LS-Q1.



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