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What is an infrared sensor camera? And what are its main uses? I believe that many people are not clear, today L-SHINE editorial to give you a detailed introduction, what is infrared sensor camera, infrared sensor camera how?

Infrared sensor camera is generally installed in the deep forest camera, infrared sensor camera's main purpose is used for wildlife monitoring and so on. General monitoring cycle in about six months, or even longer. So it is necessary for infrared sensor cameras to have a larger battery life to solve the problem of camera standby time.

The above picture is the infrared sensor camera produced by L-SHINE.

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So how about infrared sensor camera? L-SHINE's camera includes an infrared pyroelectric sensor to take photos and record videos, so as long as there is a living thing passing by, the camera will immediately take photos and videos. The camera is equipped with a built-in HD CMOS sensor and comes with infrared illumination. Use it at night to take clear black and white pictures and videos, and in good light to take color photos and videos.

L-SHINE infrared camera performance introduction:

1.Images are efficient and clear, industrial CMOS chip trigger shooting;

2.Support video shooting

3. The body comes with function buttons, easy to operate;

4. Back removable rotating bracket can be 180 ° adjustable direction;

5. Extra-long standby;

6. SD card record can top 8G-32G;

7. Ultra-swing volume, maple leaf color, military green, strong concealment;

8.IP66 waterproof, dustproof design, can be placed in the field for a long time;

Above is the introduction of infrared sensor camera, I hope you can have a certain understanding of infrared sensor camera, know what is infrared sensor camera, infrared sensor camera how.



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