The science of infrared hunting cameras is here, here, here.


Infrared hunting camera is an intelligent infrared pyroelectric induction camera, the camera contains infrared pyroelectric induction photo and video functions. It adopts infrared + DSP intelligent computing, i.e. low false alarm automatic human (animal) recognition technology, and is able to take pictures and videos automatically. It is also known as infrared sensor trigger camera, infrared automatic sensor camera. The infrared hunting camera has the function of waterproof, dustproof, sunproof, moistureproof and ultra-low temperature, which can be applied to a variety of harsh environments, 18 months standby time, the following will take you to understand the principle of infrared hunting camera:

The science of infrared hunting cameras is here, here, here..jpg

Infrared sensor triggered camera working principle:

According to the different working principles, it is divided into two types: active and passive.

 (1) active: active infrared sensor trigger camera by the split infrared transmitter, receiver and camera and other parts. The transmitter emits a beam of infrared light invisible to the human eye vision beam, facing the receiver on the corresponding receiving window, when the moving object from the transmitter and receiver between the passage, the infrared beam is isolated, thus triggering the camera to take pictures.

 (2) Passive: Passive infrared sensor trigger camera is divided into five parts: infrared sensor, control line version, camera, power supply system and housing. Passive infrared sensor can detect sudden changes in heat and infrared energy in the front sector area. Its basic working principle is: when the warm-blooded animals from the front of the device through, the animal body temperature and the environmental temperature caused by the temperature difference caused by the camera around the heat changes, this temperature (heat) changes by the infrared sensor receives, resulting in a pulse signal, which triggers the camera to shoot.



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