What is the real function of a hunting camera?


Hunting camera, also known as infrared sensing camera, is a new type of camera that can form its own system between surveillance camera and camera. It uses pyroelectric infrared technology, which is intelligently operated by Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to automatically capture high-definition images or videos, i.e., low-false-alarm automatic human (animal) recognition technology.

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What is the real function of a hunting camera?

So what is the real function of hunting camera? The hunting camera can be set up to automatically switch on the camera or capture video footage when it senses an infrared heat source (e.g. a passing person or animal). The camera has an infrared shooting function that automatically switches on the infrared fill light to shoot at night when there is no light (no flickering and stealthy).

What are the real features of the hunting camera?

Ultra-long standby time 12-16 months, 32G large SD card, 12 megapixels, strong waterproof function, can be adapted to various environments. It is not only suitable for hunting, wildlife observation and research, forestry, nature reserve monitoring, but also for security and control work in areas such as supermarkets, companies, communities and families.



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