How the Detection System Works.


  1. The Passive IR detection system detects any heat variation (human and animal activity, moving cars, branches in the sun, etc). When a change in heat and motion is perceived, the detection system triggers the camera to take a photo or video.

  2. The detection system consists of 2 essential parts: the infrared sensor and the Fresnel detection lens.

  3. The sensor is hidden inside the camera. It is the piece that detects the changes in heat and detects motion.

  4. The Fresnel lens is a molded plastic lens that improves the sensitivity and accuracy of the sensor. If your lens is damaged, the detection system will no longer be optimal. It is possible to order a new one.

  5. We recommend hanging the camera at the height of the heat source being aimed at. For deer it is recommended to install the camera one meter above the ground, or 3 feet high.

  6. To maximize the range of your detection system, the device should be installed parallel to the ground. If your device is tilted toward the ground, the detection range will be reduced.

  7. You should never install the device behind any type of shielding material such as glass or plexiglass and ensure the area within the detection range is clear of anything that may move or emit heat from the sun such as grass, limbs, metal or large rocks.

Applicable to : LS-987PRO,LS-887,LS-177SE,LS-177PRO,LS-Q1 SE,LS-Q1 PRO 



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